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those who follow me"  Isaiah 8:16 (NLT)

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How Satan Ordains Pastors

Published: July 16, 2013 at 1:00 PM

Jesus showed me when Stan was ordaining some of these pastors, they will bow to Satan and Satan will lay hands on them, and Satan gives them handkerchiefs.

Devices of Pastors to Ordain Members for Satan Kingdom

Beware of handkerchiefs, “my pastor gives me this handkerchief, they selling handkerchief in churches”. Handkerchiefs are not of Jesus; when you put your faith on the handkerchief that a man of God gives you, it is evil practice.

Handkerchiefs and oil is what Satan uses to ordain, he puts strange powers in these oil. That’s why you often see some pastors call people to bring their oil while they dilute it with theirs and say it is pure. Be careful of this oil; these anointing oil, water, holy water.

You refuse to drink any other water, only holy water, be careful; you are nailing yourself under Satan’s feet. These are all things of the devil to take your mind out of God.

You will just follow these pastors and evil practices.

Salt: putting of salt in water and sprinkling around the house- be careful!

Communion: I saw Satan ordaining communion, Satan even gave some of these men of God communion juice that is polluted, that’s why their members are no longer of their own minds; they like these men   of God and churches so much, no matter what prophecy you hear about them, you fight for them.

Fight for yourself! Some of you will say, “I will die with my pastor, I believe that pastor, they are lying against him”. You don’t know these communion, these anointing, handkerchiefs is what they use to take your sense away from you.

They are manipulating you with these things.

You will see a pastor put his hand in his pocket and wave it and people will start falling down and you say it’s miracle, that pocket has power!

Candles: “come with candle, pray on candles”, and for the Catholics they pray with candles and images, they are just casting spells on them.

Jess showed me where Satan was giving these evil gloves to men of God. Men of God have these invisible gloves and when they go to church, they lay hands on people with the evil gloves.

All of us have the glory of God on our head, be careful of your head.

When they lay hands on you, they take your glory, and leave a stamp on you that you won’t know (an evil stamp saying- “this one is a candidate of Satan, a candidate of hell).

And after all the process, they will take these invisible gloves and give it back to Satan; they will take it to their evil altar.

That’s why you see some churches in certain time or months, people just die because the pastors control you.

When they want to sacrifice, they will just say a word, and the people’s faces will show on a screen, the ones Satan choses, he chooses and the pastors know, the bishops know and they will come to your house and pray while he is the one that sacrificed you for money, for population. Be careful of these evil churches; be careful of these men of God. Be careful!